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CEM Theater

Country: Verbania - Italy
Customer: Notarimpresa spa

Features of the order: design and supply and installation of 2 TRIBUNES TELESCOPIC -serie STYLE for a total of 500 seats, complete with semiautomatic armchairs, equipped with a motorized system for the handling of opening and closing, with the possibility of rotation, security system, the sidewalls .

  • Capacity: 500 kg / sqm
  • Finishes in wood veneer
  • LED lighting steps
  • Power supply 220V

Apollo Theater

Country: Lecce - Italy
Customer: Three spa you

Features of the order: providing design and installation of: n. 03 electromechanical lifting groups Pro Line SERIE X-THEATRE PLV 500F variable speed for lighting trusses. No. 03 scenic shots electromechanical movable Pro Line X-THEATER PLM-500F variable speed.

Sets of portable control system, mechanics for the motorized curtain variable, mechanical speed for the mobile harlequin, manuals scenic shots.

Auditorium Umberto I

Country: Salerno - Italy
Customer: F.lli Ferrara s.r.l

Characteristics of the job: Supply design and installation of: wall coverings and ceilings of the auditorium and the salt 1 - 2, made with wooden panels and sound absorbing panels BELEM -ARTNOVION, motorized system for the handling of variable acoustic walls, computerized, for configurations: concert, cinema, theater, conferences, complete with control console TM1.0 HMI30 6.4 consists of a mobile security panel, sound box of the stage, the stage floor in Douglas solid wood

Jewish Theatre “Evreiesc”

Country: Bucuresti, Romania
Customer: Larcher Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl

Characteristic of the job: Design and supply of motorized rotating platform, installed in the stage, with an adjustable clutch rotation system, position control, full variable speed programmable control panel.

Power supply: 400V

Portata: 500kg m/q

Led Wall Structure

Customer: Three-Ti Spa

Characteristics of the job: Designing supply of an electromechanical drive system synchronized installed inside aluminum truss with four mobile trolleys for handling panels led wall complete with electrical control panel, complete with portable console software.

Ic Spirito Santo

Country: Cosenza - Italy
Customer: Edilmor Srl

Features of the order: Design, supply and installation of: stage level, the main curtain, harlequin, curtains of room, sound system video lights, stage lighting and lounge chairs.

Theater Philharmonic

CountryAscoli Piceno - Italy
Customer: Cedi Srl

Features of the order: Progettazione fornitura e installazione di: piattaforme mobili motorizzate di palcoscenico, piattaforma mobile motorizzata con funzione di montacarichi, piattaforma mobile motorizzata per fossa orchestra, sistema di sollevamento con catene SERAPID, a velocità variabile e posizionamento programmabile sincronizzato, complete di quadro elettrico e consolle di comando TM 1.0 HMI8056. Fornitura e posa di piano graticciato in travi lamellari e profili in acciaio, di pedane mobili di compensazione, pavimento in legno massello per piano palcoscenico, meccanica per il sipario ad altezza regolabile e apertura alla greca, meccanica per l’arlecchino mobile, meccanica per la movimentazione delle casse acustiche, fornitura e posa degli arredi di palcoscenico e di sala, fornitura e posa di poltrone mobili

Teatro Excelsior

CountryCampi Salentina - Italy
Customer: Mucci Srl

Characteristics of the job: Supply design and installation of: stage level, the German plane trellis, motorized lighting bridges, scenic shots manuals, stage furniture, audio and video system.