Services Offered


Our work begins by research and product definition: create theatrical machines tailored to each customer, perfect for any kind of stage, for a product with an original mark and modern.

By partnering with the engineer Lucio Bernardini and Ing Silvano Nalin, we follow all the steps leading to the creation of the stage machinery, the study, the realization of the project, using programs such as inventor and solid works, performing a structural analysis of the machines with calculation program Strauss, developing 3D models, to the final, passing through the engineering phase of the product. The reasons that led us to design our machines, as independent units, in engineering and in the control electronics, are to be found in the type of use of the same.

  • Logistical considerations: versions very compact space saving.
  • Technological considerations: reducing the influence of noise on stage during performances.
  • Functional considerations: immediately identify any faults.

All this makes the installations for handling stage products from Pro Line Professional, a perfect expression of quality and technology. Solutions tailored to the needs of the movement.

Construction and Installation

Pro Line Professional believes in the construction and installation of its stage machinery, and believes in the on-time production and delivery. These values are useful for increasing the competitiveness of the final product. We believe that the right organization in a suitable working environment, a specialized engineering design, cutting edge technology and human resource management motivated to achieve corporate objectives, are the key to customer satisfaction. Pro line professional collaborates with reliable partners that meet the technical specifications required by the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 production run of its plants and machines not care any installation with its own staff.

Training of personnel

L'Azienda considera fondamentale curare costantemente l'addestramento e la formazione tecnica del personale.

Through meetings with the internal and external courses and training you want:

  • training the management of preventive maintenance;
  • train operating procedures and internal security;
  • provoke discussion on maintenance issues;
  • focus maintenance activities on business objectives;
  • receive and discuss proposed improvements.

Support and Maintenance

The technical objective of maintenance is to increase reliability and availability of the actual plant.

And 'make' safe 'cars stage, requirements of the current European regulations.

Are requirements necessary safety and protection for both operators and / or persons exposed, as well as for things and for the machine itself. This results in the reduction of the duration and frequency of faults.

Maintenance pursues objectives of preservation of the value and usability of the systems over time, using techniques and tools. The service also has the task of adapting and if possible to continuously improve the systems to the needs expressed by the users, resorting where necessary to redesign them or replace them when the systems are no longer able to fully perform the functions assigned.

Our technicians are available to provide adequate technical support 24 of 24 scheduled and routine maintenance and extraordinary, stage adaptation of the machines of the Machinery Directive 2006/42.