Motorized system for stage and orchestra pit

Technical data sheet

Chain system vertical (Serapid) the type LinkLift LL suitable for lifting in theatrical environment that always guarantee a flow (push) in compression and in traction.
The Linklift will be completed by reducing revs and torque multiplier, referrals and lateral transmission to the engine located at the center of the shape of the platform to have an equitable distribution of the twisting of the transmission that will be with gimbals. In this way you will have a synchronized transmission to the two sides of pushers.
The system Linklift is composed of a chain articulated that, from the horizontal storage position is moved in a vertical position. The special mesh in a square shape, are designed to have the center of gravity corresponding to the geometric center of the section.
The guides inside the container of the drive sprocket, ensure the alignment and the correct locking of the chain links.
The column thus composed support the dynamic and static loads vertical, but not horizontal ones. Appropriate side rails or guidance systems pantograph will stabilize the platform along its course elevation.
The link Lift system allows to operate the platform both in push and pull, without the use of additional stabilizers loads, by offering a considerable resistance to contrast forces in the opposite directions to the movement.
This condition is ideal for emergency situations: on cruise ships in conditions of strong rolling or land in theaters in the presence of possible seismic tremors.