Motor Controller for chain hoists - MC80 PL-50-TM24


Motor controller di comando for handling of 4/8 chain hoists type phase inversion, for parachi type D8-D8 plus full of pushbutton remote control and 10 m of cable. Equipment mounted on 19 "rack 4U, selection switches the engine, signaling LED engine inserted UP / DOWN, the control module are swapped phase, start button, emergency button. The output connections are on SOCAPEX connectors, rack modules are linkable between them with a single command from remote control panel cable.

Technical data

Pontenza max: 8KW
Voltage: 400V
Number of channels max: 8
Type of connectors: Socapex standard, 16-pin ilme
Type of protection: circuit breaker
Selecting engines: selectors 1-0-2
Type of security: emergency button twice, relay of phase control

CE Conformity - BGV-D8