Pro Line supervision console Synthesis TM 3.1



Synthesis is a console command and control for PC-based integrated stage machines, specifically designed for the automation of theater.
It has a screen 22 "widescreen capacitive touchscreen with the latest generation. E 'can handle up to 255 shots Scenes total from a single management software, thanks to the architecture
modular components and the high level of customization of the software, which lets you create any kind of scenery combining to
like the movements of every single shot. With an appropriate setting of the parameters of the system you can play back up to 255 groups of 255 each axis, leaving the operator scenic maximum freedom of expression. Thanks to the flexibility of the system can enter up to 12 remote control units managed by a database
centralized on redundant servers across a network 10/100 Ethernet or Giga Ethernet.
• Safety cat. SIL3 (EN 61508) which is constantly controlled by the master system and by supervisors.
• Dual power and dual redundant processor that ensures the continued operation of the plant.
Console built with steel base in bent with epoxy powder coating, anodized aluminum panel thick,
complete with handles, comes standard in desktop version, with optional floor stand consists of base mounted on wheels.

Technical Data

  • Screen 22 "widescreen LED
  • Resolution: 1680X1050
  • Touch screen capacitivo
  • 2 Ethernet port
  • Rete Can bus Ethernet
  • 4 cue buttons with features start / stop
  • 2 analog joystick for operation deadman
  • Emergency button
  • Access controls 5 levels (password)
  • Remote assistance system on line
  • Measures 820x480x180h