American lights climbing Pro Line series X-PT500-THEATRE AS variable speed



Lifting unit for stage machinery for use specifically theatrical handling and lifting at height of American light and stage equipment, such as self raising. Machine suitable to be installed in all those conditions where there is no space for maneuver. Machine at a fixed speed, composed by assembly bench consists of aluminum profiles lattice of a suitable size and thickness to allow the rigidity of the machine and consequently also the sound emission of the same, gear reduction unit with parallel axes in an oil bath, grooved drum winding rope connected by transmission gardanica, asynchronous motor, double brake, double safety switch complete system of rewards rope and pulleys.

Complies to European CE machine, to DIN 56950: 2005-01

Technical data

  • Brought to the drum: 5kN
  • Speed: 0.1 to 20 m / min
  • Motor power service: 2.2 kW
  • Reducer: PLN 85 i = 100
  • Maximum range: 12.0 m
  • Length of the load bar: DA6 12 mt
  • Number ropes: 4
  • Rope diameter: 6 mm
  • Safety factor of ropes:> 10
  • Dimensions: 400X400X4.000
  • Class of Service: S3