Superior mechanical

Lifting unit for motorized scenic shots

Elevating Assembly for American lights

Contrappesati and manual shots shots

trellises plans

Fire safety curtain

Group open curtain

Series X-stage machines Theatre

This solution allows you to mount the motorized shooting in any orientation.

The result is a very compact machine, which guarantees minimum wear of the ropes, thanks to a deviation angle maintained constantly zero during the entire travel of the load (zero fleet angle technology).

This type of winch, in which the motor is mounted parallel to the drum, due to its versatility is in almost all cases the preferable solution for historical theaters in which the stage machine is modernized to the present technique and to current regulations.

Lower mechanical

Mobile stage

Orchestral and rotating platforms

Mobile carts

Portable stages, orchestral and rotating platforms, mobile carts

Depending on the performance of capacity and speed required, the size and the shape, design and build tailor-made platforms of various types. The drive system is evaluated as appropriate, regarding the performance capacity and speed required, it can be achieved by LinkLift® Serapid, Spiralift® Gala System, cable systems, screw jacks, rack and pinion systems.

Mobile stands

Mobile stands and retractable telescopic

Telescopic Tribune Reach - Series STYLE

The system grandstand retractable series STYLE designed by Arch. Gianni Rigo and produced by Pro line professional, relates to being able to use the common areas in a flexible manner by adapting the spaces to different uses, without the use of specialized personnel, minimizing response time, no additional spaces to be dedicated to 'eventual storage of the seats, an operation which today involves a considerable waste of management costs. Grandstand with a special railing folding manually or semi-automatically with custom finishes, equipped with technology moving Soft Pro line of professional. Ideal for multi-purpose spaces to be used as the theater hall, conference hall, exhibition spaces ballroom etc .. for use in various environments, theaters, cinemas, auditoriums, television studios, town halls, hotels, gyms, hospitals, recreation centers in general .

Control Equipment

Control systems, stage machinery

Automation systems of the stage machinery

Control equipment

E 'was developed based on a distributed intelligence system and modular which allows each machine to work in stand-alone mode (manual) without the supervisor. Whatever the size of the stage machinery to handle, it is formed by the simple opening of the curtain or a complex set of shots or motorized platforms, our control systems always guarantee:

  • reliability: the use of well-proven solutions and components Protect yourself from the hitches that may affect the proper conduct of the show and enables rapid intervention in case of anomalies.
  • ease of use: we believe that an intuitive access to controls and functions necessary is a fundamental aspect to the system can be exploited to its full potential.

To meet the diverse complexity that the machine can present stage, we have developed a number of solutions, starting with the simplest handset with simple buttons running, extend to modern control panel complete with color display, joysticks, buttons function.

These advanced systems allow the operator to control the machines either individually or in synchronized mode, simultaneously giving precise indications about the state of the system (coordinates, speed, weight, alarms) are used to program scene changes of whole shows guaranteeing in this way the perfect repeatability of operations, and then the maintenance of the security situation, already verified in testing and system programming.

Special attention is also paid to maintenance operations: our control systems provide in fact always special test functions and diagnostics which will facilitate safe, fast and effective interventions to control the machines.

Stage lighting systems

Pro line professional designs and produces theatrical stage lighting.

Paintings of spinamento

Paintings dimmer

Console lights

Customized Solutions