About us

Pro Line Professional, with a thirty-year experience in the design, creation and installation of all scenic machinery stage, mobile platforms, scenic shots, light bridges, trellises plans, curtain of fire safety, furniture, coatings and electrical systems by audio stage light and page, special systems tailored and supervision systems retractable grandstandspersonally, taking care of all installations carried out on site and following all phases of production. Today, as then, flanked by professionals of unquestionable expertise, designs and builds with care and precision, innovative systems for handling theatrical stage, tv Studios, auditoriums, Convention Centers, but also for other places of public entertainment.

This makes the handling equipment produced by stage Pro Line Professional a perfect expression of quality and technology. Tailor-made solutions for all needs.

  1. Products

    Pro Line Professional offers its clients the following range of products:

    • Elevating Assembly for motorized scenic Shots
    • Elevating Assembly for American lights
    • Contrappesati and manual shots shots
    • trellises plans
    • Fire safety curtain
    • Group open curtain
    • Mobile stages and orchestral platforms
    • platforms rotatable
    • Mobile carts
    • Mobile retractable grandstands
    • Control and automation systems of stage machine
    • Stage light equipment
    • Custom solutions

    Datasheets catalog solutions are available in section Product Catalog.


  2. Services

    Thanks to a streamlined organization and undisputed expertise professionals, Pro Line Professional is able to follow its customers in a personalized manner and accurately at each stage of work.

    The services that Pro Line Professional offers are:

    • Design
    • Construction
    • Installation
    • Training of personnel
    • Technical support
    • Maintenance